balancing act


Looking for a job that would let me keep  my family a priority and allow me to continue writing and working part-time as a Team Beachbody Coach has been tricky. With many daytime appointments for my granddaughter, and knowing she will probably be able to start Headstart in the fall, along with a husband who works graveyard, I decided to see if I could find a part-time evening job. I’ve spent many years working in advertising and other “semi-professional” jobs. None of those was working for me in my current situation. I really didn’t want to deal with the public, I wanted to work after 5 p.m. so I could have the mornings with my family and deal with any appointments.

My godson had a job cleaning buildings at night and I thought “that soundsperfect for me!” Part-time,  hours in my range. Now how to find one? I looked online at our local employment security site and guess what job was posted? Monday through Friday, 6 to 9 p.m. I applied immediately and included a cover letter explaining why I was so interested in the job (usually I am not able to get interviews as they see me as “over-qualified” ).

I got the interview and I got the job!

A big bonus for me is that I get to stay on my feet 3 hours a day, so who needs a gym membership! Keep my shorter home workouts as well and plan on seeing another size or two come off in the next few months.

The best part is my granddaughter is watched by a very dear family friend she knows and trusts, who is kind enough not to charge me, heck she even sends me home leftovers and washes my granddaughters clothes if they get dirty.

I love my family and my friends, they are one in the same.

the good life


I was so excited when the March issue of The Good Life Magazine came out. Not only did a friend of mine get an article published in the local magazine, she mentioned me in it! The article was written by Suzette Hollingsworth, a local published author of some awesome books, you can find them on Amazon. What most amazes me about her kind words is that instead of sending her my rough draft that was in order and had spell checked, I sent her the ROUGH ROUGH draft that was totally out of order and not spell checked, yet she still plodded through it. Bless her heart.

Now to figure out how to balance everything in my new life so I can get it all done. I had no idea how busy it is to be unemployed!

the blank page



How to start? Where to start? What to say?

I keep thinking about these questions and more and realized all thinking was getting me was a blank page. Nothing is harder for me that putting the first words down, once the page is no longer blank though it gets easier for me to keep writing.

This blog will not have just one topic as it is more about the current journey I am on in life. The main focuses will be:
Raising a grandchild
Writing a book for the first time
Staying healthy and getting stronger
Balancing life in general

Knowing me there will be more than few random and totally “off topic” posts, as it will just depend on what is going on in life and what mood I am in.   So sit back and enjoy the ride, I plan to.

Bye bye blank page!