Swim suit shopping, I dreaded it. I haven’t bought one in over 10 years, refusing to wear one or set foot in a changing room with :::gasp::: MIRRORS. Nope, no way!

Now having a 3 year old who wants to swim, I can’t say no, and she can’t swim alone so off I went. Swim suit department AND dressing room!

I am still not at my goal but have made some major progress, along with losing over 60 pounds I have been taken off all rx meds, including thyroid medication. What I haven’t gotten over is the chubby girl in the mirror hiding in baggy clothes (because we all now how that fools everybody LOL).

Today I did it. I went into the REGULAR size department and grabbed some suits and found one that not only fits, but one I could look at in the mirror 🙂

Probably seems silly to many but it was a big deal for me. Now I am wearing it in public tomorrow and not even nervous. I still jiggle and have some weight to lose and toning to do but I don’t care, I’ve come a long way and I’m proud of myself.

I’m also going to toss out a bunch of baggy stuff and buy some things that fit. I encourage you all, no matter what size or shape you are, no matter how you think you look, get at least one thing in your closet that fits you, flatters you and makes you feel good about yourself.