testing testing


Goals are dreams with deadlines, so keep dreaming and make them happen!

Yes, I need to be more regular at blogging.  Will I? Who knows. My intentions are good but I get so side tracked. First I have my actual life, second that life needs constant attention, third I have a few jobs.  These days I am a wife, mother, grandmother raising granddaughter. I have a part-time job , along with with two other side businesses. The side businesses are two companies whose products I love and really enjoy the discount on. Don’t worry, this is not a sales pitch but just me sharing and reminding us all that there are many parts to every individual. Some expected and assumed, others quite surprising.

Some things I do:

Judo (3rd degree brown belt
Team Beachbody Coach
NYR Organics Rep

and my passion, which I hope to turn into an income some day, writing, as many of you know. This is NaNoWriMo month. Every November. You want to write? Then Write! It’s fun, it’s free.

Goals are dreams with deadlines. Never forget your dreams, just make them happen!

Now, for the testing testing title, let’s see 🙂

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