goal setting

SMARTYesterday I started my 30 Day Push again, love it. Always motivates me. I even have the book! I love going through the online version for the videos though.

Today was about PRIORITIES. Basically a belief that if you have balance in your life you will not resort to bad habits. Seven areas to be balanced are relationships, fun, financial, spiritual, career, environment and health. I love the fact that I have learned to focus on my priorities when setting goals. It makes no sense to set a goal if it is not in line with your priorities.

My PUSH goal I am focusing on this year becoming a published author. To do that I need to create daily time to write, learn more about how to write, edit and publish. The writing is the easy part for me. Writing properly and in a way that makes sense to every one else is a struggle for me. Editing and publishing, I know nothing about! I will take it one step at a time though, starting with writing every day.

Most of my writing I do in Scrivener, a software program I got for a good price by winning NaNoWriMo last year, I love it! I had to turn off the annoying red and green lines though so I just write instead of trying to correct every last typo, that will come later. That was very hard to give up but needed to be done to get the story out.

When I get stumped I go to pen and paper. A friend of mine who is a published author told me to write left handed (since I am right handed). I have not tried that yet, when I do I will let you know how it worked for me.

To keep me from getting lazy I wear my Fitbit Flex every day, got a part-time active job and while writing I set an alarm every hour where I take a “mini workout” break. Thanks to at home workouts I can stay on track and continue to improve my health. I track my food daily, weigh weekly and measure monthly. I can also log my workouts online but keep forgetting, that is a habit I need to get into, especially since you can win CASH just for doing so! Check out my online gym and sign up for your free membership! Would love to connect with all of you, writers, exercise buddies, online stalkers welcome too 🙂

Cheers to another year of self-improvement. Life will toss in some challenges, I’m ready. Are you?