getting there


I started my 30 Day Push however decided to put it off until I can focus better. Got some things on the homefront that are priority that must be taken care of. That will actually remove two biggies from my list for the year and I will be ready for a new game plan!

One is that I have made the decision to homeschool, been researching and gathering curriculum for pre-K and Kindergarten for Miss Thing. The resources for homeschool online are amazing and easy to get overwhelmed. I have narrowed it down to a few favorite go-to sites and stick with them for the most part now.

My current favorite site that is always open on my webbrowser!

Now that I have a good plan in place for that, I am working on getting my writing back on track, need to carve out an hour a day of just ME time, have realized that is not going to happen often on the computer where I prefer to “write” since my typing speed is actually capable of keeping up with my brain. So I will have to give that up and go to pen and paper many times, then I can hide and write. We shall see how this works out for me. I did get a nice pile of pretty notebooks for $0.43 each on sale so it is time to fill those puppies up!

I’ve been at a standstill in my book mainly because of a very boring and annoying character. I have decided (?) at this time anyway 🙂 to turn in into a bad guy, he is much more interesting now. Means I need to change a few things about other characters backgrounds but it is working so far.