make them think

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” Socrates.

This quote hit home on so many levels. I now know I am doing the right thing 100% in homeschooling. I may not know how to teach every little thing in every little subject, however I can make her think. She is only 4 and she is already asking questions that send me researching for answers. Must be doing something right, she loves learning and I love helping her find answers.

To set an example I am studying a book on nutrition. I looked at certification courses, but honestly not interested in doing that for a living. I just want to know more. For myself, so I can be healthier, for my family so I can better care for them, and for others who I may be able to help. My son is my motivation for this, can’t let him know more than me right? LOL, he already does!

Our homeschool program is mainly “notebooking”. Google it 🙂 Basically, we read or do something then write and/or draw what we learned from it. No test, no time limit. Just thinking and finding answers for ourselves. A few days ago we played with balloons. Tossing, throwing, popping, blowing with our air, blowing with a blow dryer… have you done that? Try it! Balloon up, blow dryer blowing upwards under balloon. Move the hair dryer around and the balloon FOLLOWS it! I didn’t expect that to happen. You gotta try this, it was fun!

Last post I mentioned I was holding off on my 30 day PUSH challenge because I had a couple things to take care of. I have been following her goal setting system for a couple years now and when I checked a few days ago, I did not cross off just a couple things, I crossed off FIVE things! That was a good feeling, they were time consuming things that needed to be done and needed to be done first. Now that I have accomplished more than I planned so quickly I am feeling extra motivated!

The next two I am tackling are the ones I really want for myself.
1. Quit smoking (date set for June 1)
2. Write daily and get my book in order (would love to have 100,000 editable words by the end of the year).

If you are actually reading this and wondering “how on earth can this girl write a book, she has no clue what she is doing”. I got news for you.  You are right. I don’t know. I don’t care. I am learning as I go, THINKING, asking questions, rewriting. My blog? I don’t even proof, I’m saving those “yet to have learned mad skills” for my book!