in the mood for math?

2-Do-a-dot-addition-exampleMiss Thing’s new favorite!

Let your little one learn basic addition while having fun! I test all worksheets on my five year old, this one passed with flying colors… and jelly beans! Fill in the dots to the right of the number then count them and write the correct number below. Use do-a-dot markers, jelly beans, put in page protectors and they can be used with dry erase markers and crayons. Print pages 3-27 for a 25 page workbook. Example is on page 2.

I left extra room at the bottom for doodles. Once mine does the math she likes to draw pictures to go with the answer. 5 will always get 5 princesses!

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Tired of relying on others for my income. I want to write a book and that is still a work in progress. The thing I spend most of my time on these days is homeschooling Miss Thing. Sometimes I find things I like online and sometimes I don’t. No matter what I find I think, if only it was different in this way….

We print out a lot of worksheets. In the beginning all the colors are so fun, then they get expensive and it is no fun running out of ink every week. Besides, we have colored pencils, crayons, markers, stickers, washi tape and other craft items. Who needs color ink? So I am now making our own printables. I will grow with her and as I learn more skills. My store is open and has just a few starter items in it. I will be busy this weekend! I am starting with two of her favorite things. Do-a-dot worksheets and “pwetty papah”. Do-a-dots are like bingo markers and come in some fabulous colors. Locally you can buy them at Academic Toolbox, they are also available on Amazon if you don’t have a store like that near you. 

If you have little ones or know someone who does feel free to share my page at or just click the logo above! Will be lots of freebies and also adding some paid items as time goes on.

Future items will include some scrapbooking papers and planner pages.. and who knows what else!