october is coming… PUMPKINS!

1-Pumpkin Pack

I just love pumpkins, they are orange and round and happy happy happy! Here is a pumpkin pack for your PreK-1st age range full of pumpkins. Created in simple black and white as always to save your ink and get your little one’s creativity going!

alphabet pack

1-ABC Tracable and CopyMy first BIG pack! This could actually be used in a “Letter a Week” curriculum for pre-K and K. It includes my 26 do-a-dot worksheets, 6 levels of traceables and copywork letters in upper and lower case, 26 alphabet clip cards where they find the lower case letter that matches the larger uppercase letter on the card and 26 worksheets with upper and lower case letters that include a new word to write and a picture to color.

Eventually I would like to create a basic curriculum for Pre-K and K so Mamas send me your ideas! I’m thinking Letters, numbers, seasons, animals, basic math, shapes, colors, cutting, calendars, days of the week… oh my what have I done? LOL Of course we can’t forget nursery rhymes, songs, and crafts!

Available at Teachers Pay Teachers and my Etsy Store.

a little something different

1-Butterfly Lifecycle1-001

(Updated file 09.11.14 now 21 pages and only $1.00)

Tested and approved by Miss Thing herself. She loves loves loves science (and butterflies). Hands on activities, songs, reading log, butterfly craft… This was a fun one to make for her.

After tomorrow, I will probably need to create something for pigs since we will be visiting a pig farm instead of having a “normal” school day.

She is such a fun inspiration, walking to the park today we had to take a detour while following a “gweat big bwack beetle to it’s home”

Sometimes I wonder who is learning more, her or me. Either way, we are having a blast!