independent book stores


Friday May 29th I saw an ad for the sale of a used bookstore downtown. Monday morning I became the official new owner and quit my job and opened my own business.


I was not even looking to buy a business, I was perfectly content with my part-time job with a great group of people.

Now here I am absolutely LOVING this change! Wish us luck on our new adventure…

coping skills flash cards – free download


These cards are great to have around. Most people are all about “breath breath breath”. Well,when my 5 year old is in getting close to meltdown or panic breathing is the last thing she can focus on. If she tries to calm by breathing she will wind up hyperventilating. I included our five favorites and a blank. Counting to 100 and singing keep her breathing properly. We were given a set by her counselor and I wanted to make our own and share with others. FREE DOWNLOAD!

Remember when sharing please send them here or to my TPT store. Thanks!

change is good

changeSome of you have noticed a change in my pages. I have been a Beachbody Coach for a few years and I :::gasp::: quit! Now, I want to make sure everyone knows I did not LEAVE, I just quit being a coach. I love the products and will continue to use them however my focus has changed:

1. Family & homeschooling

2. Writing my book.

3. Working on my very own business, AnaMaree Designs.

The thing that led me to this decision was actually Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push! It helped me get my priorities in order and figure out what I really want. I am still a HUGE fan of hers and will be doing PUSH ever year or so (the only “self-help” book I have ever read, used and re-read.

I am getting ready for 2015 and when I prepare for the new year I tend to buy a new planner, some pretty new notebooks and get ready to make my lists and ideas BLAH BLAH BLAH. The last few years of setting GOALS instead of “resolutions” has been amazing. Typically my resolutions are forgotten as fast as I set them, probably because I never considered how the fit with my priorities. Now I write down my priorities and set goals that work with them. Now the end of the year is a wonderful surprise!

For example, 2014 I set 10 goals (I rewrite them every month or so, but they basically stay the same). Today I look back and realize I completed 5 goals and have 2 more 80% complete!

That feels good.

It also reminded me of why I created this blog, for myself, to see how things change, how I change. The latest changes are a perfect example of the quote I chose above as I left something good to gain something better… for myself!

If you want to know more about Beachbody or need to order, contact Erin, my friend and coach on her Facebook page or her Beachbody Page.

Good luck in all you do, and just be the BEST YOU that YOU can be 🙂

balancing act


Looking for a job that would let me keep  my family a priority and allow me to continue writing and working part-time as a Team Beachbody Coach has been tricky. With many daytime appointments for my granddaughter, and knowing she will probably be able to start Headstart in the fall, along with a husband who works graveyard, I decided to see if I could find a part-time evening job. I’ve spent many years working in advertising and other “semi-professional” jobs. None of those was working for me in my current situation. I really didn’t want to deal with the public, I wanted to work after 5 p.m. so I could have the mornings with my family and deal with any appointments.

My godson had a job cleaning buildings at night and I thought “that soundsperfect for me!” Part-time,  hours in my range. Now how to find one? I looked online at our local employment security site and guess what job was posted? Monday through Friday, 6 to 9 p.m. I applied immediately and included a cover letter explaining why I was so interested in the job (usually I am not able to get interviews as they see me as “over-qualified” ).

I got the interview and I got the job!

A big bonus for me is that I get to stay on my feet 3 hours a day, so who needs a gym membership! Keep my shorter home workouts as well and plan on seeing another size or two come off in the next few months.

The best part is my granddaughter is watched by a very dear family friend she knows and trusts, who is kind enough not to charge me, heck she even sends me home leftovers and washes my granddaughters clothes if they get dirty.

I love my family and my friends, they are one in the same.