365 blank pages


365 blank pages, what will you do with yours?

Me? I’m setting goals for myself and my business. Organizing and planning out the year instead of flying by the seat of my pants… although that has actually worked out OK for me so far! As I make my goals, which are always changing, I make sure it is a realistic goal and not a crazy stressful goal.

  • write more
  • walk more
  • more “real food”
  • less processed food
  • blog more
  • new ideas for bookstore
  • new designs for TPT/Etsy store
  • lift weights!!!!
  • organize posts
  • hug more
  • have fun
  • love life

Whatever you do, do it for YOU and don’t beat yourself up if you slip. Just dust yourself off and try again.

getting back on track


Now that routine is getting settled with baby girl and new job, I realize how much I have been neglecting myself and am ready to get back on track. Had my Shakeology for breakfast and did a small workout with granddaughter. She is so cute trying to do squats and push-ups! Dancing with her is serious aerobics, she is exhausting!

Challenging myself to count my veggies and fruits, I eat them but don’t think I have been eating as much as I should lately (although I do constantly finish her apples and bananas). Water is never an issue since I drink tons

Currently I am working an extra couple hours to cover another location, when that position is filled I will take those two hours back for writing time and longer workout time.

Updating my entries online at my tracking site http://www.MakeYourFatCry.com (FREE!) And thanks to being some “magic” age, I will have new numbers to enter when I go get my blood drawn and results from doctor FUN FUN!

Blood pressure has gone up over the last year (imagine that!) but nothing doc is worried about, I just have to track it for a few months and give him results, he expects it to go down now that life is becoming more routine and I am GETTING BACK ON TRACK!

I love trying out new apps for tracking, the above is my favorite for overall goal tracking (weight, measurements, BP, sugars, etc.).  For food tracking I like MyFitnessPal (also free online and smartphone app). Currently trying out Jillian Michaels Slim Down smartphone app as well as P90X smartphone app.

Also updating my to-do list and even set reminders to check my to-do list, yea, I’m bad at that one!