Granddaughter is so different from son, many moments I feel lost and confused, question everything I do or say. A friend tonight reminded me if I wasn’t questioning what I was doing and assuming I was perfect then I would be in trouble.

She is way more stubborn, yet so full of life and energy. I love everything about her and wouldn’t change a thing. I just know we need to help her focus all that energy to positive. Our son we could reason with at that age, he hated to be in trouble or time out.  His daughter challenges everything and everyone. My Warrior Princess, no fear, except when she closes her eyes…

Love her humor. Today she decided she wasn’t going to take a nap. Now any parent knows you can convince them to lay down, but you cannot actually make them sleep. After a few snuck-in toys that I kept taking away, telling her “you cannot touch any more toys”, she agreed and at least lay still for an hour.

Once she “woke up” she informed me “I have the happies again Mana”. I gave her hugs and told her it was time to clean up her room and sent her off to pick up her toys.

She stood there, smirking, little hand on hip, all 3′ tall of her and said “YOU said I can’t touch toys Mana, so I can’t touch my toys. No clean up. HAHAHAHAHA I so funny, I funny girl Mana”, and ran off laughing.

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